Couture wearable art and accessories is in my blood. My work capture the essence of the high visionary with creativity, grace and art. I am a dreamer. I am a creative compulsive disorder. My work with expressing my sprit, my voice and my soul. I would like to inspire people to re-think, re-use, re-cycle again and again. We are what we wear.
To me sustainable design means making informed choices and developing more environmentally friendly means to express creativity, minimizing waste and increasing recycling.
I want to keep exploring  sustainable fashion design, a field which I am a passionate about and spark deeper. I have become very motivated to utilize every pieces of textile waste in to my creations. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to give a new life to previously discarded textile/ compromises cut and sew waste.

About me

Nigar Bilgen was born in Istanbul. She is a textile historian, curator, designer, self taught artist, writer and activist.

She’s lived in London since 1995.

Nigar grew up surrounded by antiques and art. Vintage/antique clothing and textile art are very important to her.

She holds a BA (HONS) in textiles for fashion & interiors and a MA textile/fashion degree.

She studied to become a specialist in fashion history, appraisal and conservation. She is working closely with fashion designers, collectors, dealers, museums and textile enthusiasts.

She is also a self taught artist. She draws, paints and works with wood, metal and glass.

She loves to use recycled materials to transform ordinary objects into art. She is in love with Wabi Sabi, the concept of acceptance of transience and imperfection. For her creativity often comes from dead stock fabric, remnants and things that used to exist as something else.

Nigar has curated collections of recycled and up-cycled materials, encouraging people to think of new and innovative ways to use things, instead of simply buying new consumer goods.

She wants to be part of the new revolution of designers who rethink the process of design and have a genuine and positive impact.

Special Projects

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