Made in Love

Modern-day fashion has recently seen a huge resurgence of Victorian-inspired styles, with the incorporation of traditional 19th-Century couture in a variety of designer collections and editorials.

Victorian influences can be observed in everything from fairy tale-inspired shoots to Gothically themed editorials. The inclusion of these beautifully detailed pieces of 19th Century couture serve to add a whimsical and elegant touch to these wonderfully modern collections.

The incorporation of such pieces as corsets, lace-accented dresses, slim-fitted gowns and beautifully extravagant head pieces will surely attract the new generation of youths unfamiliar with these traditional pieces of clothing. Blending these historically influenced fashions with modern styling is a fantastic way to keep Victorian-era clothing alive.

Made in Love aims to change how we think about fashion and to show consumers that we can make beautiful pieces from old clothes and damage textiles.